TARIFA – A Long Road Trip

Sunshine in Punta Paloma beach.

Tarifa is a town located in the Andalusian province of Cadiz, southern Spain, 14 km from Morocco. This small city was turned into a seaside resort popular with Europeans and those who love water sports.

Tarifa in Spain - Stunning landscapeProtected by Spanish law, Tariffs continue to be a city that has preserved the charm of Andalusia, being affected in a small degree of mass tourism. Moorish military hero named after Tarik, Tarifa has preserved much of the Arab character, which is visible in the cobbled streets and courtyards of the houses full of flowers.

Tarifa kite school.

Small fishing town of Tarifa was the place where the Arab invasion started in the year 711. In 1295 the town was defended by Guzmán El Bueno, despite the fact that the Moors him son threatened to kill them unless the city gives them. Local fishermen still fish on a “Almadraba” in the thirteenth century, using a circle of boats and trawls.

Tarifa Centro

Wild Coast tariff equally attract surfers and fans to relax in nature. This destination is popular with ornithologists and offers activities like riding, gliding, kire-surfing, climbing, hiking, diving and more.

Tarifa in Spain - Tarifa beachHere you will find plenty of stores that rent windsurfing equipment and provides guidance to the best places for surfing. Most hotels are located in the north of the city.
The old town of Tarifa has beautiful narrow streets and houses with white walls. The ancient castle of Guzman is near Porto.
Immagine tarifa | Tarifa | Costa della Luce

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