Sand Dunes: I’ve Got Sand in My Sandwich (And I Don’t Care)

Wake and Wander

Like most people on this planet, I sometimes get overwhelmed when I’m traveling. This is a good thing as a person and an explorer, but it can be one hell of a sore toe as a writer. On my recent adventure into the Great Sand Dunes of Southern Colorado, I was flooded with emotions from all angles. Again – a great thing – but it creates a challenge when it comes to words on a page and describing those feelings.

When I have these moments, I go back to basics and give myself the same advice I always have: Just write the truth, you dipshit.

And so, eating my lunch perched upon a pile of sand overlooking the vast valley of dunes, I took out my notebook: I’ve got sand in my sandwich, and I don’t care. That’s the truest thing I know at the moment.

Indeed, more profound thoughts…

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Published by: Gabri

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