Hipsters- A Sub And Counter Culture

Pubblicato: gennaio 13, 2014 in Altura e Cultura

Popular Culture

By: McKenzie

In modern culture today, hipsters are considered a subculture within the greater part of society. There are certain ideologies associated with the term “hipster” and specific assumptions of what a hipster might look like, dress like, act like, and more. You could say the term “hipster” gives rise to various stereotypes of a class of people divided from the ordinary culture. Quite often, subcultures are created for those who don’t fit in or feel they don’t acquire a sense of belonging in typical mainstream culture; these individuals discover they want to embrace their differences, which then forms the “hipster” subculture consisting of people of similar nature. In this paper I will analyze hipsters in conjunction with connecting them to popular culture and the ideas and concepts we have been examining in class.

A hipster is generally known as a free thinker, down to earth, expressive, artistic, and a…

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