Photos: Beer Drinking and Thinking in Old Town Tallinn

Wake and Wander

I had been underground exploring the old Bastion Tunnels that were dug below the cobblestone streets of Old Town Tallinn, seeing how they ran along the city walls and learning the ways in which they had been used over the years. To be honest, the tour is a little hokey, but the engaged visitor can indeed learn a good deal about how Tallinn was founded and built over the centuries. And it did put one very important thing in perspective for me: While much of Old Town Tallinn dates back to the 11th century, it is the last hundred years of history that might be the most mind-blowing.

I surfaced from the underworld, greeted by a brisk, sunny afternoon. Estonia has over 300 days of clouds every year, yet there wasn’t so much as a formation in the sky (I seem to have a knack for experiencing aberrations… I bring rain to…

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